28th Moscow international exhibition Autocomplex - 2022

August 23-26, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2




About exhibition

For more than 25 years the Moscow international exhibition Autocomplex has been the leading specialized exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries. Every year the project attracts Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of car maintenance, car garage equipment and services.

Participation in Autocomplex opens up wide opportunities to demonstrate equipment and services to business partners and wide scope of the branch professionals in a short period!

The fleet of road transport in Russia is steadily growing which inevitably leads to the expansion of the associated car service market. Millions of cars require regular maintenance, repair, installation of additional equipment - such a scale ensures the workload of car service stations and the constant demand for equipment and tools.

The event is supported by the Russian Fuel Union (RTS) and the Union of the Gas Engine Industry Enterprises (SPGO)

Mission of the project

The Autocomplex exhibition was organized in accordance with the Order of the Government of Moscow No. 361 (dated April 20, 1995) for information support, modernization and construction of gas stations and other automobile service facilities.

The largest business platform in Russia and the CIS countries for meeting of specialists, owners of gas stations, maintenance facilities, garages and parking lots

The project is designed to demonstrate the latest models of equipment, technologies and turnkey construction of gas stations and other facilities of car services, garages and parking lots. The complexity of the approach in servicing car owners is the central idea of the exhibition.

Exhibition program

Round tables, seminars, master classes, presentations and other events are held on the most relevant for the industry topics within the frames of the business program which forms an integral part of the exposition. Specialists - visitors and participants - discuss issues related to the increase in profitability, trends in the development of gas stations, electric transport, electric and gas filling infrastructure in Russia, exchange experience in the design of roadside complexes and development of related services at gas stations.

The rapid development of vehicles in the environmental direction, innovations of the fuel segment, including the use of hydrogen, the symbiosis of comfort and green technologies, is a subject of close interest in many sectors of the economy. The relevant business events of the Autocomplex exhibition are the optimal choice of everyone willing to keep up with the times.

Specialists are invited to participation!


The Autocomplex unites on the same platform a wide professional audience: specialists in the fuel and energy complex, design and construction organizations, investors and private entrepreneurs involved in the gas filling business, technical service, garage and parking facilities.

State and municipal authorities, oil and gas companies

The exhibition provides an opportunity to conduct direct negotiations between representatives of state authorities, entrepreneurs, specialists of industry unions and associations

Representatives of gas stations and other car service facilities, suppliers of goods and services

National and foreign manufacturers, suppliers of car maintenance equipment and services without intermediaries exchange knowledge and experience in the framework of business program activities, find new partners, monitor competitive activity and conduct many negotiations in a short time.

Visitors not only get acquainted with the trends in the development of the Russian car service market but also obtain complete information about international developments and the latest equipment samples, as well as choose the best suppliers to meet their challenge.

Autocomplex 2021: statistics

30 September 2021

See you at Crocus Expo August 23 through 26, 2022!

25 August 2021

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