Moscow international exhibition Autocomplex - 2023


Who is the exhibition for?

  • For representatives of state and municipal authorities, oil and gas companies
    - representatives of governmental organizations, regional executive bodies, branch unions and associations
    - heads of regional and urban road transport structures
    - specialists of vertically integrated oil companies (VINK), manufacturers of equipment for oil depots and gas stations

    Autocomplex is a central business platform that brings together representatives of state authorities, entrepreneurs, members of industry unions and associations.

  • For representatives of gas stations and other car service facilities, suppliers of goods and services
    - managers and owners of petrol stations, maintenance stations and other roadside service facilities
    - manufacturers of equipment for charging stations of electric vehicles, car washes, garages and parking lots
    - manufacturers and suppliers of gas engine equipment
    - representatives of equipment and services distribution companies associated with the car service

    National and foreign specialists without intermediaries exchange knowledge and experience within the frames of the business program activities, find new partners and conduct many negotiations in a short time.